Sikeston, Missouri

Bobby J Burns

Bobby J Burns is only a man. A man that was born on a Monday morning in mid July just outside of Chicago. Raised in the Pentecostal church of God Bobby learned at an early age what his call would be and he ran head long into it with a passion and a zeal that would take him farther than he would ever realize. He got his hands on his first set of drum sticks at 5, an electric bass at 11 and wrote his first song at 12. Bobby always knew that music would be a part of his life. Then it happened. Bobby, even though he was the son of a pastor, never really realized what it meant to be a follower of Jesus. He always knew He was there but wasn't the dedicated believer that he would find himself to be later. Now, After countless experiences, concerts, worship seminars, and sermons, Bobby is more dedicated than ever with a fervor and and a passion to not only know Christ, but to make Him known...

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